The Holistic Philosophy

Welcome to Holly Morris Holistic Wellness.
We are located in downtown Uxbridge, Ontario offering Reiki and nutritional consultations.
Using the mind-body-spirit philosophy, we give you the tools you need to reconnect with your inner wisdom and simplify your healing journey


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We offer multiple services to serve you best. Whether you are local or across the ocean we have ways to connect and get you started 

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The Holistic Philosophy

A blog of my thoughts.. for now.

Coming soon, an adventure into a life of thrifted, borrowed, and used. Stay tuned.

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Our Practice

At 58 Brock Street West, Suite 204 in Uxbridge we share our space with MacGregor Homeopathic Medicine. If you are in need of homeopathic services please contact Nigel MacGregor

By changing your perception to your environment,
you change how your body reacts to that environment.
Letting go of fearful subconscious beliefs and habits that control everything you do and replacing them with ones that work for you rather then against you, are so vital for deep and lasting change. Ultimately, only you can do this for yourself, but you can ask for help on where to begin and assistance with removing blocks you cannot see past.

— Holly Morris


Support Local

I am a big fan of support your local economy. It is a better choice for the environment, your health and small businesses that care about you! I write recipes with seasonal food I find at my local farmers market.