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Cold and Flu Talk

Join Nutritionist Holly Morris and Homeopath Nigel MacGregor in a discussion about how to keep you and your family healthy this cold and flu season. We will cover topics that include homeopathic remedies, Nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle.

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Arriving Retreat
to Oct 27

Arriving Retreat

Rest, relax and rejuvenate with a weekend full of delicious food, Yoga, meditation: a space to land and “re-member your self”.

We believe in the power of creating space; be that for your yoga mat, or for your thoughts; perhaps both. This is why we are so excited to share with you our upcoming retreat. We are offering you a place that you can delve deeper into the emotions and sensations of a yoga/meditation practice; as well as utilize the resources of the body to support us in our daily experiences of (at times overwhelming) emotions and thoughts.

Join us in this peaceful environment at Lotus Heart Centre in Brighton, ON.  Twenty acres of land with walking trails, natural springs and a pond. Enjoy being surrounded by nature for the weekend. Here we will find increased space for joy, enhanced feelings of well-being and peace.  

Oh and BTW - there is a cozy wood stove in the Yoga Room! So nice for a Fall weekend!

Your weekend investment includes:

-lodging and food
-optional single room (extra fee)
-vegetarian food, snacks, coffee and tea
-several meditations
-several Yoga classes
-quiet time
- limited Reiki individual sessions available 
-dive into self inquiry through group processing and skills offered  that foster awareness for healing
-most importantly space and time for YOU!

Taking the time to both know and nourish yourself fosters a sense of well-being, increased vitality, greater capacity to deal with life stressors and offers opportunities to experience joy. Additionally, if you are coming in with a sense of purpose and intention to be curious, you may decide to embrace your vulnerability in a safe group setting to take away valuable insights and possible steps to continue your growth.  

There are no guarantees in life; rather opportunities... and you are invited to join us

EARLY BIRD $525* before September 15th, 2019

*ask about a portion of cost covered by some extended insurance benefits

Stephanie Massy (RYT), Holly Morris (RHN) and Leanne Garfinkel (RP;SEP)

Please contact us anytime at leanne@garfinkeltherapy.com OR stephiemassey@gmail.com

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