Earth Medicine

What an odd thing it is that we people, born from flesh and blood, needing water and air to survive, can become so disconnected from the earth, sky and waters. At what point was it no longer a necessity to listen to what nature was communicating. We are made of the elements yet I see destruction and misuse of the gifts provided by the earth, our home. We act as if we are more advanced than the perfection that is already here. That we are so powerful we no longer need to listen to the wisdom passed down for generations. I will never stop being an ally for traditional and natural medicines of the earth. I trust the wisdom of the people before me and I trust my own body to know what it needs. I believe deeply that we would all benefit from relearning these ways. Laws and threats against the choice over our bodies, over what medicines we choose to use are disgraceful. The poisoning of water, food and air have already created so much disharmony for years to come. We need our earth medicine more than ever as it knows balance and perfection in ways more than any human could think to create. I stand with all people who wish to keep ancient wisdom alive, I stand with the parents doing what they can to give their children a choice as they grow up. I stand with those protecting our waters and sacred places. I thank everyone who has not given up hope and continues a connection to our, and many other creatures home. I am humbled by this world and will do what I can to bring more harmony wherever I go.

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