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Holly Morris, RHN

Welcome! My name is Holly Morris RHN. I am a registered holistic nutritionist and Reiki practitioner in Uxbridge, Ontario. My main areas of interest include traditional and natural foods, energy healing and all things metaphysical, the importance of supporting local makers and growers, thrifting, foraging, self sustainability, philosophy… you get the idea?

I run a practice in downtown Uxbridge offering Reiki, Nutritional consulting and Lifestyle coaching in a calm and comfortable environment. As a practitioner, my focus is to work with those who want to become fully responsible, aware, and empowered about their health. I have studied how the human body functions and I have been on a mission to reduce the mass confusion over what is right and wrong for each individual. I have learned though my own health journey, and witnessing changes in others that the body is highly resilient and with the right tools can restore balance.

My mission is to facilitate my clients in finding and listening to their inner voice so their needs are met in all areas of life. I am here to educate on the foundation needed for a thriving, joyful life in a sustainable way.

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